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  • we have Oxygen Nasal Cannula, Simple Oxygen Mask,fixed Venturi Mask and Non-rebreathe Mask with reservoir bag to patients with breathing difficulties.
  • The breathing circuit is composed of a breathing pipeline and an attachment.

  • We provides complete solution
     for Drug delivery therapy and 
    special design of Kidsneb for Pediatric Aerosol Therapy.
  •  We are leading provider of Anesthesia 
    mask and our Scented-color
     coded  mask help  patients
     to release pressure during 
  • We can provide :BEF/VEF, HME,HMEF and HEPA hytrophobic filter.
  • Specially designed vent port to reduce air turbulence and noise.Gas Sampling port and supplemental gas port available.

  • CapnoFit ETCO2 sampling series of products help to monitor every breath of a Nonintubeted patient by sampling the exhaled carbon dioxide.

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