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Our slogan: Inspire talents with career, let talent achieve career!  

We have a set of strict and flexible promotion system.In the company’s management, there are senior engineers who have worked in the company for many years, the same industry elite who have joined later, and the the department head of business backbone who start with the workers .
Decision makers attach great importance to the role of human resources in the development of enterprises. Enterprises adhere to the 'people-oriented' corporate culture policy and mainly in the 'three attention': pay attention to the labor value of employees, pay attention to the right to development of employees and pay attention to the staff's civilized education. 

In the new economic era, only innovation will have the opportunity to develop, and talent is the decisive factor to ensure innovation. We adhere to the innovation of concept and system in the process of human resources development,and create a fair and open atmosphere to realize their potential.


Company Address: No. 138, Binhaisi Rd., Hangzhou Bay, Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

Tel: 86-574-63006301-8015

Fax: 86-574-63259048

Mobile: 86-13567801064

E-mail:[email protected]

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